In the Blessing tradition, the BAS-1287 Eb Alto Saxophone design keeps the long-term goals of the beginning saxophonist in mind. Durable, economical, and ergonomic in construction, the BAS-1287 offers the quick response, intonation, and tone usually found on more expensive instruments. A yellow brass body, bow and bell give the BAS-1287 plenty of projection and the nickel-plated keys provide the strength needed to stay in adjustment. With the range from low Bb to high F#, the BAS-1287 allows room for musical advancement and could take a beginner from grade 5-12.

What’s the one thing all great trombones must have? A great slide.


Our Blessing BTB1287C is no exception – it is ready for the classroom and the stage. It features a nickel silver outer slide that is ideal for longevity and a chrome plated nickel hand slide is durable without sacrificing the smooth, responsive action required to learn the instrument. Designed for a student, the BTB1287C performs like a professional level model with a rich, resonant sound, quick response and even timbre throughout all registers. With a smooth slide and great resonance, few beginner trombones play as well as the Blessing BTB1287C.