3-Valve Euphonium

The BEP1288 Euphonium was created for a traditional band program and designed for aspiring musician. It features 3 top action, stainless steel valves, which is manageable and ideal for a student’s first low brass instrument. Built to withstand the rigors of the early school band experience, the BEP1288 offers the build quality, playability, and sound critical to allow for growth and meet the demands expected of a student from elementary through high school musical life.

Standard Series
Key of Bb
3 Top Action Valves
Stainless Steel Pistons
.591” Bore
11-4/5” Yellow Brass Bell
Rose Brass Mouthpipe
Yellow Brass Body
Nickel Silver Slide
Clear Lacquer Finish
Large Shank Receiver with Blessing 6.5AL Mouthpiece
Blessing C-1288 Thermoplastic Case