Marching Baritone

The BM-311 is a forward bell baritone with a huge, resonant sound. It is designed with a large shank mouthpiece and large bore allowing for greater blowing freedom to facilitate the volume demands of outdoor playing. The compact wrap design affords a balanced, focused sound making the BM-311 an excellent choice for any marching band in a parade or on the field.

Marching Series
Key of Bb
.571” Bore
10” Bell Diameter
Rose Brass Lead Pipe
Yellow Brass Body Material
Yellow Brass; Two-piece Bell
Plastic Finger Buttons
Stainless Steel Valves
Finish Options: Clear Epoxy Lacquer or Silver-Plated Finish
Blessing 6.5AL Large Shank Mouthpiece
Blessing C-311 Thermoplastic Case