Bb/F Trombone

For more than a half a century, E.K. Blessing has offered an accessible large bore, F-attachment trombone that is acknowledged by educators as an excellent value for the aspiring trombonist. Based on a classic American design, the playing experience is on par with many professional level instruments in sound and projection. The Performance BTB1488 trombones are an affordable choice without compromising playability.
All BTB1488 trombone hand slides feature a rose brass outer slide with nickel end bow and narrow width construction. A narrow hand slide helps facilitate faster slide technique, quicker response, greater sound focus, with more clarity in articulation. Additionally, a narrow hand may provide a more comfortable grip in the hands of a student.

Closed Wrap – Traditional or closed wrap trombones have a tighter wrap tubing which provides a more resistant playing instrument.

Bell: Yellow Brass. Yellow brass (70% copper 30% zinc) – Yellow brass offers a consistent timbre at all dynamic levels and registers with wonderful projection.

Finish: Lacquer Finish. Lacquer is a clear epoxy protective coating that is sprayed onto the instrument in the finishing process to maintain its clean appearance. Since it is thicker than plating, it tends to offer more focus and support to the sound.

Performance Series
Key: Bb/F
.547” Large Bore
8.5” Bell Diameter
Two-piece Yellow Brass Bell
Traditional Closed Wrap
Clear Epoxy Lacquer Finish
Traditional F Rotor Design
Yellow Brass Lead Pipe with Yellow Brass Body
Nickel Silver Chrome-Plated Inside Slide
Narrow Hand Slide with Rose Brass Outer Slide and Nickle End Bow
Large Shank Receiver
Blessing 6.5AL Trombone Mouthpiece
Blessing C88TB Deluxe Case