BBb Tuba

Light weight and compact, Blessing ¾ BTU1287 is student friendly. Easier to hold and play, the BTU1287 features three top action stainless steel valves with the depth of sound required to anchor a school band. It also includes an additional detachable leadpipe to convert to an over the shoulder marching tuba. The outfit includes a sturdy ABS case with wheels offers outstanding protection and ease in transport. With a durable build quality, the BTU1287 Tuba will allow musical growth and longevity.

Standard Series
Key of BBb
3 Top Action Valves
Stainless Steel Pistons
.661" Bore
14.4" Yellow Brass Bell
Rose Brass Mouthpipe
Nickel Silver Slides
Yellow Brass Body
Clear Lacquer Finish
Additional Mouthpipe to convert to over the shoulder Marching Tuba
Blessing 18 Mouthpiece
Blessing C-1287TU Thermoplastic Case with Wheels