Standard 4-Valve Euphonium

Designed for a student, our four valve non-compensating BEP1287 Euphonium is solidly built and durable. It is perfect for school band programs. With four top pistons, the student is introduced to the benefits of a fourth valve without the larger investment associated with fully compensating models. Responsive with excellent intonation and a singing sound quality, the BEP1287 will allow for rapid music development for a beginner to an advanced low brass student.



  • SeriesStandard
  • FamilyEuphonium
  • Instrument4-Valve Euphonium
  • KeyBb


  • 4 Top Action Valves
  • Non-Compensating
  • Stainless Steel Pistons
  • .591” Bore
  • 11 4/5” Yellow Brass Bell
  • Rose Brass Mouthpipe
  • Yellow Brass Body
  • Nickel Silver Outer Slides
  • Small Shank Receiver
  • Clear Lacquer Finish


The perfect place to start and grow! Our reputation was built on providing durable and affordable entry level wind instruments for students without sacrificing playability. Our legacy and experience offer reliability and confidence for both educators and parents. Stable and sturdy, these models are designed with the beginner in mind, laying a solid foundation in sound and technique.