Standard Bb TRUMPET

Our BTR1287 is designed for the classroom and built with the beginning student in mind. It allows them to achieve success right away. The two-piece yellow brass bell provides a consistent and even sound that is vibrant. Acknowledged for its durability, our BTR1287 is a reliable entry level trumpet. It is balanced and easy to play allowing for a great sound.


A lacquer finished trumpet is the first choice recommended for beginners. Lacquer is a clear epoxy coating applied in the final finishing process to protect the natural finish of the brass. The tone is warm, clear, and focused. It is less expensive and easier to maintain.



  • SeriesStandard
  • FamilyTrumpet
  • InstrumentBb TRUMPET
  • KeyBb


  • .460” ML Bore
  • 5” Bell Diameter
  • Yellow Brass; Two-piece Bell
  • Rose Brass Lead Pipe
  • Yellow Brass Body
  • Brushed Yellow Brass Top and Bottom Caps
  • Plastic Finger Buttons
  • Stainless Steel Pistons
  • Adjustable 3rd Valve Slide Ring
  • Clear Lacquer Finish


The perfect place to start and grow! Our reputation was built on providing durable and affordable entry level wind instruments for students without sacrificing playability. Our legacy and experience offer reliability and confidence for both educators and parents. Stable and sturdy, these models are designed with the beginner in mind, laying a solid foundation in sound and technique.