Doug Woolverton plays the BTR1660 Trumpet.




Your hopes and dreams start with the sound you make.

The Blessing Artist Series combines legacy, experience, design, and detail to create instruments that allow a musician to easily move their sound in any direction.

Created for the player at the highest level, our Artist Series BTR1660 Trumpet presents a sound that is dynamic and rich. Regardless of your aspirations, the Blessing Artist Series offers a high level of refinement that allows you to pursue your passion.



The New Blessing BTR1660 ‘Artist’ Bb Trumpet offers a professional musician the flexibility to move the sound dynamically and tonally. The BTR1660 was designed for a modern player that demands a versatile instrument. It features an American made one-piece, hand-hammered, side seam, yellow brass bell with a steel bell bead and two-piece valve casing with nickel balusters. The result is a resonant trumpet with great character and a broad range of color. Easy to play and even throughout, the sound is brilliant, providing great feedback and projection off the bell. Aiming for the American sound concept, the BTR1660 Artist Trumpet provides the build quality and precision expected by the advanced player of any age.

BTR1660R with Raw Brass Finish: The finish on a trumpet is primarily aesthetic and a personal choice. The difference between a plated trumpet versus an unfinished instrument is tonally subtle. Buffed and polished, an un-plated raw trumpet will naturally tarnish over time. It provides the classic patina consistent with the character of a vintage brass instrument.



The editorial team at Music Inc. Magazine have selected the Blessing BTR1660 Artist Model Trumpet for a NAMM 2024 Editor’s Choice award. Every year, the editorial staff at Music Inc. walks the Winter NAMM show looking for the best products and services from the show covering all facets of the industry. The awards are featured in the April 2024 issue of Music Inc. Magazine.



  • SeriesArtist
  • FamilyTrumpet
  • InstrumentBb TRUMPET
  • KeyBb


  • .460” ML Bore
  • American Made 4 7/8” Hand Hammered Seamed One-Piece Yellow Brass Bell
  • Stainless Steel Bead Wire
  • Two-Piece Yellow Brass Valve Casing with Nickel Balusters
  • Hand Lapped Monel Valves
  • Yellow Brass Lead Pipe
  • Yellow Brass Body
  • Nickel Silver Outer Slides
  • Raw Brass Finish
  • Blessing 3C Trumpet Mouthpiece
  • Blessing Trumpet Premium Maintenance Kit
  • Blessing C1660TR Double Trumpet Case


As a musician matures, there is increased awareness to pursue refinement through perseverance and dedication. Their instrument must allow the ability to envision the sound they hear and imagine. The Blessing Artist Series combines an established legacy in build and brass design. In collaboration with global manufacturers, the Artist Series models offer the highest level of craftsmanship demanded by a modern musician. The result is an instrument worthy of an established musician who is proficient yet still evolving; aspiring to be an acclaimed artist at the zenith of their career.