For generations, Blessing has been a name music teacher’s trust for a quality student instrument. Our Blessing BCL1287 Bb Clarinet is no exception. The BCL1287 has features found on the best student clarinets like Valentino pads and a ringed bell. It also has upgraded features such as blued steel springs. Best of all, the BCL1287 is responsive and easy to play, which allows for a focused, characteristic sound. A durable ABS plastic resin body and sturdy key mechanism make this clarinet a top choice for the musical demands of a beginner.

A preferred choice by educators, the new Blessing BPC1287 is ideal for a student’s first piccolo. Our BPC1287 Piccolo is the perfect option for both stage and field performance. It is reliable, built to withstand the rigors of a school music program. The BPC1287 features a machine cut headjoint which allows for consistent response throughout the entire range of the piccolo. It meets expectations for intonation and playability providing a bright clear tone at forte or a delicate light sweet sound at lower dynamic levels. ‘Stars and Stripes’ never sounded so good!