Rooted in the American Band tradition, the Helleberg cup shape offers that desired deep, rich and organ-like sound for tuba and sousaphone. Named after legendary tubist August C. Helleberg with the John Philip Sousa Band, this mouthpiece cup style has been a top recommendation for tubists for nearly 100 years.


Your mouthpiece plays a significant role in the sound production on a wind instrument. Your connection to the mouthpiece is personal. The sound on a brass instrument starts with buzzing your lips. This vibration is transferred into the instrument via the mouthpiece which helps focus the lip buzz. The instrument acts as an amplifier, shaping the vibration into your tone. As a result, the mouthpiece greatly impacts your sound and development. Blessing offers a variety of mouthpieces sizes that are educator approved. Your band director or private teacher will be helpful in providing some direction when you are ready to make a change. Whether you are starting out or advancing musically, Blessing provides affordable mouthpiece options that will assist you in finding your best sound.