Things To Consider - Should I Take Private Lessons?

If you are trying to decide on private lessons, the benefits in committing to the additional instruction far outweigh any argument to forgo the extra learning time. A child’s first lesson is usually in a group. It instills a sense of community and partnership that carries into making music in a larger group with other students and eventually a band.

One-on-one instruction allows a teacher and student to work on fundamentals and refine technique. The focus is on the player over the group and what they need to improve. The teacher can individualize the plan for a student’s rate of learning or specific issues. This additional attention can further the fundamental core values of learning an instrument: accountability, commitment, confidence, dedication, discipline, and self-expression.

Learning a musical instrument is not a linear experience. There may be a surge of fast growth followed by a long plateau or vice versa. A private teacher ideally helps to motivate you and minimize the frustration. Establishing good habits through proper technique, reinforcement, repetition, and direction. You can learn at your own pace and not be distracted by the progress of other students. If you have been playing for a while and have already purchased your own instrument, taking an opportunity to learn more offsets the expense of the lessons. The average lesson cost may vary based on your current level, location, and teacher’s experience. Do you take the lesson at home, at school, a music store or teaching studio? These are all things that can influence the cost.

How do you find a private teacher? Check with your band director, group teacher, or local music store. They will be able to recommend a teacher that is familiar with the goals of the program. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Check with other students in the band to see who they use. Knowing expectations and understanding what the lessons are like is helpful to getting off to a good start. An experienced educator is organized and recognizes the unique strengths and areas that need improvement for each student.

A qualified teacher can help you overcome the challenges or difficulties with learning any instrument. It does take effort. You may achieve a higher level of proficiency through a consistent approach and dedication. The right teacher can motivate you to do the work.

Whether you choose to take extra private lessons or not, finding dedicated time every day in your schedule to pick up your instrument and play it is the way to steady improvement. A private teacher can keep you focused and on a good path. Remember, your musical journey can last a lifetime, there is no end. It starts with you.

Are you a beginner? Blessing is a great place to start!