The Blessing Story



Your investment in a musical instrument is an important decision and we do appreciate this.


Why choose a Blessing instrument?


At Blessing we want every child to have the opportunity to discover the joy of finding their own sound within the band experience, so they continue to grow with confidence through musical collaboration over a lifetime. Blessing truly understands the musical journey you are about to commence or have already started. We appreciate the value of these experiences, the skills gained, and friendships forged are priceless. The instrument you start with is the path to a lifetime of enjoyment and self-discovery.


Opportunity for success

At Blessing, we are committed to offering affordable instruments that allow for growth in sound development and proper playing technique. We provide an excellent standard to start learning the skills of making music. Advancement breeds self-confidence and esteem! The quality of this experience is measurable.

Access to quality

With our legacy, Blessing has the experience in offering instrument options that foster both musical and personal growth. This evolution is part of our heritage. Being a part of something bigger than yourself is invaluable. The friendships and camaraderie established in your beginning years can last a lifetime.

Supporting you all the way

Our commitment does not stop once the instrument is purchased. At Blessing, we believe that we are the cornerstone of a student’s success in a mutual collaboration with the music store, the teacher, parents, and family. This foundation provides discipline and encourages dedication.

Easy does it

Designed for the student through advancing musician, Blessing band instruments are ergonomic and comfortable to start with. Early success in the learning process builds confidence, encourages musical growth, creativity, and self-expression.

Years of performance

If properly maintained, your Blessing instrument can consistently provide a lifetime of music-making. Creating music on your own terms, just for fun! An early musical education lays the long-lasting foundation in teamwork, sense of community, problem solving and decision making.

Freedom to grow

From a novice to aspiring professional, Blessing provides a solid instrument option to encourage musical development. Believing in yourself, building self-awareness, and performing with others around you can be a gratifying experience and build a lifetime of confidence.