Blessing has always had a clear understanding of the transformative change music can make in a person and what is important in an instrument that accompanies you on that journey.

Established in 1906, Blessing began as a family business and quickly recognized what was essential to the music community: a sense of support, security, and shared values. The Blessing Company honored relationships by listening to their customers and adjusted to the changing times of the 20th century. Blessing believed that a musical experience could change a life and a musical education could bring purpose to a life.


This belief was demonstrated by providing quality musical instruments that were affordable and accessible. As a family business, Blessing helped create products that offered people a connection to others and the feeling that they belonged to something unique and special.Today, St Louis Music owns and operates Blessing Brass & Woodwinds. The core principles of the Blessing family business are still at work well over a century later. Blessing is a trusted and reliable brand name that offers a solid foundation for growth.
Why Blessing? Blessing has the generational experience to understand the transformative change music can make in a person. We are here to encourage and guide that journey.