Standard F French Horn

Rich in the low and mid ranges, the Blessing BFH1287 Single F horn features a classic, natural horn sound. Single horns are used for beginning students and usually rented. Because there is less tubing than a double horn, a single horn weighs considerably less and is much easier for a child to manage. Ideal for a first-time student who is beginning French horn, the Blessing BFH1287 is both economical and easy to play.



  • SeriesStandard
  • FamilyFrench Horn
  • InstrumentF French Horn
  • KeyF


  • Mechanical Linkage
  • .469” Bore
  • Rose Brass Leadpipe
  • 12.24” Two-Piece Yellow Brass Bell
  • Medium Bell Throat
  • Nickel Silver Plated Yellow Brass Tuning Slides
  • Clear Epoxy Lacquer Finish


The perfect place to start and grow! Our reputation was built on providing durable and affordable entry level wind instruments for students without sacrificing playability. Our legacy and experience offer reliability and confidence for both educators and parents. Stable and sturdy, these models are designed with the beginner in mind, laying a solid foundation in sound and technique.