Marching Marching Mellophone

A good Mellophone section is the heart of any great marching ensemble sound. The Blessing BM111 provides the classic, gorgeous horn voicing with more depth and projection power. It is sturdy enough for any marching situation. Bell forward, the sound is focused and designed to project off the field and into the stands.


Silver Plate Finish. Silver plating is a richer looking finish. Because it is thinner compared to a lacquer finish, the sound is more responsive and resonant with added brilliance and better overall projection. It is considered more durable but does require extra maintenance.



  • SeriesMarching
  • FamilyMellophone
  • InstrumentMarching Mellophone
  • KeyF


  • .462” Bore
  • 10.5” Bell Diameter
  • Yellow Brass; Two-Piece Bell
  • Rose Brass Lead Pipe
  • Yellow Brass Body
  • Plastic Finger Buttons
  • Stainless Steel Valves
  • Silver Plated Finish


We understand the school band experience and ‘marching’ is a big part of a student’s musical career. Musical growth occurs naturally through camaraderie. Marching together often leads to lifelong friendships. Our Marching Brass is designed for the rigors of both the field and in parade. Bell forward, easy to play and manage, E.K. Blessing Marching Brass is the ideal choice to round out the depth of color in any band in motion.