Performance Trombone

For generations, E.K. Blessing has offered an affordable large bore F-attachment trombone for the advanced trombonist without compromising on build quality and playability. Approved by educators for decades, the classic B88 was a traditional first choice for a serious student, laying the foundation in high school bands across the USA.


The BTB1488 trombones are an evolution of this legacy. Design refinement in the hand-slide construction and body bracing offer a more resonant instrument that is responsive and easier to play with fantastic projection. At Blessing, our core values remain the same. The BTB1488 Performance trombones offer accessibility to a path for rapid growth and musical development along with a modern playing experience that rival many professional models.


BTB1488OR Resistance and sound = Freer Blowing / More Open.  The additional copper content in rose brass offers a more complex tone, rich in overtones. A rose bell gives a warm, dark sound at softer dynamics, moving to greater brilliance and improved projection at louder dynamic levels.


Open Wrap: The term wrap refers to the configuration of additional tubing for the F-attachment section of the trombone. The open wrap has fewer bends and a straighter pathway for the air; providing a freer blowing option.


Rose Brass Bell: (85% copper 15% zinc) – Due to the higher copper content, the rose bell is a darker bell at softer dynamic levels but will become more brilliant at forte to fortissimo.


Lacquer Finish: Lacquer is a clear epoxy protective coating that is sprayed onto the instrument in the finishing process to maintain its clean appearance. Since it is thicker than plating, it tends to offer more focus and support to the sound.



  • SeriesPerformance
  • FamilyTrombone
  • InstrumentTrombone
  • KeyBb/F


  • .547” Large Bore
  • 8.5” Bell Diameter
  • Open Wrap
  • Rose Brass Bell
  • Traditional F Rotor Design
  • Yellow Brass Lead Pipe
  • Yellow Brass Body
  • Nickel Silver Chrome-Plated Inside Slide
  • Narrow Rose Brass Outer Slide
  • Nickel Silver End Bow
  • Clear Epoxy Lacquer Finish


As students develop musically, they will need an instrument that allows for greater response, tonal color, and dynamic range. The E.K. Blessing Performance Series offer a great balance between price and performance. Created for the advanced student, these models provide the sound and playability of a professional instrument. The target player is the advanced student grades 6-12. Whatever your goal, the Performance Series by E.K. Blessing may take you on a lifetime of musical enjoyment.