Maintaining Your French Horn and Trombone
Rotors for Optimum Performance

Keeping the rotors on your instrument properly lubricated will keep you performing at the highest level and provide a level of confidence in your horn or trombone.

Blessing supplies the necessary oils and grease that will need to keep your instrument working smoothly. If your instrument is new, you should apply Blessing Rotor oil daily for the first month to break it in. Thereafter, you should oil your rotors once a week at minimum even if they feel good. Establishing a routine will keep your instrument feeling great plus prevent wear and corrosion. This only takes a few minutes but will keep your horn always ready to play at the highest level.

OILING THE ROTORS:  Oil the rotors down the slide tubes for each valve. Press the valve levers several times to work in the fresh oil. Depressing each rotor to pull out the slides, one at a time. Drip a few drops of Blessing Rotor Oil down the slide tubes to reach the rotor surface. Press the rotor valve levers several times to work in the fresh oil to coat the rotor and casing. Finally, grease the tuning slides with Blessing Tuning Slide Grease so they move freely.

Part Description
BLROTOR Blessing Rotor Oil, 1oz/30ml
BLTSG Blessing Tuning Slide Grease, 4.25g stick


OILING THE BEARINGS. There is a top and bottom shaft that rotates in a hole as you move the valve lever. This rotating shaft is called the bearing or spindle. Remove the valve caps and use the Blessing Bearing Oil to oil one end of this bearing. Remember to oil the other end of the bearing. It is oiled in the small gap in the valve mechanism.

Part Description
BLBEARING Blessing Bearing Oil, 20ml


After the bearings are oiled, pull your tuning slides out a few inches without pressing the valve levers. This creates a little suction and pulls some oil into the bearing surfaces. On your F- attachment Tenor Trombone, oil all linkages, key levers, and any other metal-to-metal parts with Blessing Key Oil.

Part Description
BLKEY Blessing Key Oil, 20ml


Establish this habit early. Do this daily as soon you take the horn out of the case. Again, a few drops are all you need to keep these moving parts working freely. Following this procedure constantly will allow your horn to play at the highest level for years to come.