Starting Out – The Trumpet

The Blessing Standard Series Winds are designed for beginners allowing for continued development and establishing a solid foundation in sound and technique. Built for the student, they are sturdy and durable without sacrificing ease of play. This allows for early success and builds confidence.

The trumpet is one of the most popular instruments that a child chooses to start with in band. For parents, knowing where to start can be daunting but it does not need to be. To begin, renting a trumpet is an economical option. It allows the student the ability to test out different instruments before committing to one while providing flexibility and convenience for the family.

Parents want some assurance that they are making a good decision. To help safeguard best success with their trumpet, parents should consider the quality of the instrument, the accessories needed, and finding a teacher.

Build construction, materials, ‘fit and finish’ are all important. However, the first consideration is the “sound” and how easy it is to produce a quality sound. The Blessing BTR1287 is designed to be durable in the hands of a beginner without sacrificing playability. It is made of brass and nickel which is both durable but aesthetically pleasing. The valves need to move up and down freely. The BTR1287 features stainless steel pistons which have been machined lapped to exact tolerances. This helps ensure a reliable smooth valve stroke which helps build confidence. Additionally, the valve slides and tuning slides need to move freely. Eventually, a student will learn to use the 1st and 3rd slides to adjust the sound on various notes to match the sound with other players.

Producing a quality sound starts with the lips buzzing into a mouthpiece. This is unique to brass playing. The body produces the vibration and the instrument amplifies it. Starting out, we demonstrate that the lips start to vibrate. We blow that vibration into the trumpet mouthpiece, which transmits the air and resonance to the trumpet itself. The quality of the mouthpiece makes starting out very important. Every BTR1287 trumpet comes with a quality silver plated Blessing 7C which is a good size and shape to start with.

Whether you rent or buy, the case is also important to look at. It protects the instrument and allows for easy transport and proper storage. The BTR1287 case is ABS plastic and is durable. It can take the knocks and bumps that inevitably happen in the beginning as you learn to take care of your first trumpet.

The trumpet is a great instrument to learn. You can play all different musical styles with it! By taking these factors into account, parents can feel confident in a trumpet that will provide their child with an enjoyable learning experience.