Why Step Up?

How long have you been learning to play a wind instrument? You just recently started, its’ fun, and you are quickly learning to play more things. Whether you rent or play a ‘hand me down’, you may consider stepping up into an advanced model. 

There is no predetermined time to make this decision. If you are dedicated and committed to practicing often, you will see improvement. This is the first sign that buying a better instrument would be beneficial for your musical development. Owning your first instrument helps build confidence and increases enthusiasm as you pursue learning how to play. 

In general, an advanced model offers a finer build quality and higher quality materials than an entry level model. A ‘step-up’ model often includes professional level features that can help a student expand their sound dynamically. By design, advanced model instruments allow the student to push their tone beyond their current levels of soft and loud.  An advanced instrument gives you the room to further develop your skills beyond what is possible with an entry level model.  

An important consideration is cost. What is your budget? Moving up into a top tier professional model may not be a realistic option. It also does not guarantee success. The student plays the biggest role in their personal musical growth through dedication and a consistent approach. An advanced step-up model may still provide a huge upgrade in playability vs. their entry level instrument while still being affordable. Quicker response, better sound projection, and more sound feedback are all benefits to transitioning to a better instrument.  

A sense of ownership may be one of the biggest motivators in considering an upgrade. Playing on something that is ‘Brand New’ and your very own is exciting and inspiring. It is satisfying to watch your child show greater interest, and noticeable improvement through this experience. 

Now is the time to step-up if you love to make music, plan on sticking with band, and have been playing for a year or more. You need an upgrade when you start feeling that your beginner instrument is holding you back. You can find a fantastic instrument that is accessible and will assist in your improvement without compromising playability. 

Are you ready to go to the next level? Checking with your music teacher, band director, or music dealer will help provide some direction. This is not only an investment in your band career but a potential long term lifetime investment.